A managing director of the Cowen Washington Research Group, Paul Gallant, is figuring out the odds of when the US law enforcement will charge Big Tech companies for antitrust. These companies include Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Federal and state enforce are probing such Big Tech companies to try and find out if they are violating the U.S. antitrust laws. All of this tech scrutiny is also being tracked by Gallant.

Gallant, along with his colleagues, has made the following predictions about the probability of antitrust lawsuits being issued to the four major Big Tech companies by federal and state enforcers in a November report. They did this while keeping in mind the 2020 presidential election outcome.

List of Predictions

• Before the election took place, there was a 75% chance of antitrust action against Google, 60% by Facebook and 40% by Amazon and Apple. 

• Under Donal Trump’s Second turn of presidency, the chances of antitrust lawsuits against these companies dropped. Google had a 65% chance, Facebook had a 40% chance and Amazon and Apple had a 30% chance of facing charges.

• Before Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., or Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., dropped out of the elections, the team also made predictions about companies facing lawsuits incase any of these competitors won. If they had won, there would be a 75% chance of Google and Facebook facing a lawsuit and a 65% chance of Amazon and Apple facing one. 

• If any other democrat, including Joe Biden who is the former vice president and current Democratic nominee, the predictions stated that Google had a 75% chance of facing an antitrust lawsuit, Facebook had a 60% chance, Amazon and 40% and Apple had 35%.

It is now believed that Gallant’s predication might come true soon about Google facing antitrust charges. Attorney General William Barr is trying to get the Antitrust Division to declare a case against Google before this month ends. This information is according to The New York Times and Washington Post reports. 

Gallant has also mentioned that his predictions might change based on certain other factors for the remaining three Tech companies. He said this in a late August interview. He also said that the recent anti-competitive behaviour lawsuit against Apple by Epic Games could make the situation worse for this Tech company. Epic Games lawsuit may trigger other companies to also come forward with their own lawsuits. This will greatly increase the chances of Apple facing an antitrust lawsuit.

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