NVIDIA RTX 30 Series

The NVIDIA RTX 30 Series that includes the 3070, 3080 and 3090 is here to be crowned for graphics processing. The NVIDIA RTX 30 Series first graphic card 3090 with 24 GB RAM comes with an increased speed of 50% when compared to the Titan RTX.

All the rumours were proven to be true when NVIDIA released the 30 series RTC GPUs. Almost all of us are super excited; in fact, everyone except those who invested in the former top of the 2080Ti graphics setup.

This fact is supported by the built of the new 30 Series which uses the Ampere architecture. When compared with the older technology, the new Series performs at an exceptional rate. 

There are, however lower-priced options available. For example, the new RTX 3070 is also bound to outperform the 2080Ti once it’s shipped. Similar to the 3090, the RTX 3080 uses the latest GDDR6X memory but is again substantially cheaper than the 3090.

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Best Features

NVIDIA has cracked 8K gaming with the new RTX 3090, with a slightly steep price of $1499. However, it is sure to be worth it. It is massive in size when compared to the previous 2080Ti. The new GPU is said to take up three PCI slots which are way more than what we are used to.

The key of the product is 8k gaming at 60 Frames Per Second and beyond, which at that resolution is insane. In the NVIDIA RTX 30 Series, the company uses metaphors, like a hot rod for 2080Ti and a monster truck for 3090 that is better capable of tackling real-time ray tracing, of comparing the two better. 

NVIDIA claims that the RTX 3090 can reach 36 shader teraflops, whereas the RTX 2080Ti could only do 13.4. It also arrives with a 12-pin power connecter. It is also compatible with 8 pin power connectors that are generally found on power supplies through an adapter. 

The cooling system for the card is one of the greatest, as the dual-axial cooler flows air directly through the card, is around 10 times quieter and in comparison to the Titan RTX, keeps the card 30 degrees cooler. 

The 3070, 3080 and 3090 will all be one of the first GPUs to support HDMI 2.1, which is just available on modern high-end televisions. NVIDIA RTX 30 Series cards are backed with a higher frame rate and a better resolution. A supporting TV can act as a G-sync monitor. All new RTX 3090 will be in the market from September 24th. NVIDIA will sell the card directly as a founders edition.

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