Motorola One 5G

Yes, that’s right! Motorola’s team has confirmed that their latest phone, Motorola One 5G, will be sold at a price that is lower than or exactly $500. It is a piece of good news for all those people who wanted a phone that was easy on the pocket and had 5G. 
When this price point is compared with other notable 5g phones, you will notice that this phone will be the cheapest in the market. It is because they are all above $500 and some also go as far as $1000.

Motorola One 5G Specifications

The phone’s specs include a 6.7 inch LCD full HD display screen and a 4GB of RAM. Moreover, the phone has a Snapdragon 765 processor and runs Android 10. It is the same processor that is used in LG Velvet and the Samsung Galaxy A71. The phone also comes with two years of security updates.

Motorola One 5G
Motorola One 5G

On top of this, Motorola One 5G comes with a long-lasting battery of 5000 mAh which can be charged at a breakneck speed via TurboPower charging. It includes a headphone jack and an NFC for Google Pay.

Some of the remarkable features of this phone include six cameras;4 rear and two at the front. One of the back cameras is a macro camera which has a ring flash around it. This special camera will allow you to take pictures up close without showing the shadow of your phone. This feature is being introduced in mobile phones for the first time.

It also 90Hz refresh rate display. A new specialised power button has also been included. This button has a fingerprint sensor and some other special functions such as you can double-tap at the button to show a customisable app toolbar on your screen. You can also swipe on this power button to get a pull-down notification shade to appear on your screens.

Sadly, this phone is not waterproof and will not have a wireless charger. The phone’s case will also be made of plastic.
Moving towards the release date of Motorola One 5G, it can be said that no official or unofficial release date is out.

Moto One 5G Availability Date

However, it is predicted that it will be available quite soon on AT&T. The Verizon version will be available somewhere around in October. The main difference between these two is that the Verizon version will have the carrier’s mmWave flavour of 5G whereas the AT&T version will support sub-6 5G connectivity. We cant wait to get our hands on it, try out its features and update you.

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